Cimitero delle Fontanelle

Greetings! Welcome to my research website about votives, memory and the evolving religious landscape of Campania, Italy.

The 'Books' tab takes you to an annotated list of my co-edited volumes and monograph, with descriptions, reviews and links to related Open Access resources.

The 'Articles' tab leads to a selection of chapters and articles, which I've reproduced here in pre-publication versions for reasons of copyright. There are also some blog posts and interviews on this page.

The 'Audio' tab contains snippets of fieldwork interviews, and recordings I've made for other sites including our podcast Classics Confidential and our Open University journal Practitioners' Voices in Classical Reception Studies. Most of the audios that I've posted here relate to the region of Campania.

You can find more details of my academic research, teaching, and other projects on my Open University webpage.


Header photograph taken in the Cimitero delle Fontanelle, Naples.